Founder's Toolkit

The complete set of management tools and workshops for your startup including:

Online Management Templates

You get a complete set of all necessary template documents you need to manage your vision, strategy, goals, responsibilities, business and product development, sales, and administration.

How-To-Use Templates Guide

All documents and sheets come along with detailed description on how to use and fill as well as examples that will make it easy for use to understand and implement for your case.

Sustainable Implementation Workshop

Get an on-site workshop to introduce the tools to your team and make it easier for everyone to understand and implement them in their daily work. This can also be done remotely with a webinar option.

Follow up & Online Support

We will be there for you on Skype and email for up to several hours per month to answer your questions or if you need to customize them for your specific needs until the whole team gets on board.

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How You Benefit

See the 4 main areas your team will benefit from the Founder's Toolkit.
Everything you need to focus on in your startup in one place.

Manager In Residence is a startup consulting company that creates management tools and workshops. The Founder's Toolkit is a unique set of online tools and on-site workshops that will boost your startup like nothing else. The tools have everything you need to set the infrastructure of your business and at the same time they are simple to let you focus on the most important elements. The Founder's Toolkit system lays on 2 main pillars - infrastructure and rhythm. One cannot go without the other - you need both a stable set of wheels and also a strong engine to move quickly through the startup journey. First you need to set the right infrastructure on which to form the vision, strategy and goals for your business and then to put a perfect rhythm on top setting the pace at which you want to go.

  • Let everyone on your team know the most important thing now and for the future.

  • Align individual goals of everyone on the team with the main company targets.

  • Make better decisions faster and achieve a higher level of execution.

  • See the red flags in your startup and face the brutal facts about your problems.


The people who built the Founder's Toolkit and who are going to help you supercharge your startup.

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